Venison Hooves

Venison Hooves

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Sold individually

Approximately 50g each

Great teeth cleaners, Hypoallergenic and packed with Flavour. These Hooves are a great alternative to Beef or pork and are packed with a wild flavour that dogs go crazy for. Ideal for dogs of all sizes these great chews hit the spot, they are very firm so long lasting even for good chewers and are packed with a delicious smokey venison flavour! A big hit and at great pricing!

Made from Free Range New Zealand Venison these all natural, air dried treats are free from artificial colourants, flavourings and preservatives giving your best friend the best we have to offer. Great for long tern gum and dental health, these will keep their chompers pearly white!

Made from New Zealand Venison, these treats are 100% natural, dehydrated and high in protein. Export quality, produced at edible food standards by NZFSA registered and listed exporter to international standards.

Our Treats are all fully NZ made from grass-fed animals. No Chemicals, Flavourings, colourants or preservatives, they are 100% animal product, nothing else.

Always supervise while feeding and provide enough water at all times.

100% NZ made and natural – only the best for your dog!

Please note that while we strive to provide safe products for food sensitive and allergic dogs we cannot guarantee that there will be no reaction as each case is unique. It is best to speak with your vet about any concerns.