Inflatable Anti-Lick Neck Pet Collars

Inflatable Anti-Lick Neck Pet Collars

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No more large and annoying Pet Cones.


If your dog is like mine.  They will scrape your legs, the furniture.  Get caught and knock going up and down stairs.

You won't have that problem with the Inflatable Neck Pet Collar.

Softer outer fabric that can come off and be washed.  

No more loud noisey scrapping sounds.  Softer to lay with in bed.


The inflatable Pet Collars are:

- Adjustable

- Washable

- Scratch/Bite resistant

- Won't mark or scratch furniture or walls.


Small -  To fit a cat.  Jack Russel or Smaller like dogs.  (Neck of approx 7"-10")

Medium -  To fit a Medium dog.  Border Collie/Spaniel  (Neck of approx 10"-14")

Large  -  To fit a large dog.  Boxer, Labrador, Golden Retreiver, Bulldog.  (Neck of approx 15"-19")

XL  -  To fit the Big Larger Dog.  Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiller, Graat Dane.  (Neck of approx 19"-25")