Golden Paste

Golden Paste

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Golden Paste is an all-natural support for cell repair, inflammation and immunity. It gets its rich golden colour from the hero spice 'turmeric' which contains an active ingredient called curcumin. It's the curcumin where all the benefits to cell growth, inflammation and immunity stem from.

Turmeric the super spice in cell repair

Turmeric helps tackle lifestyle diseases

Sadly, lifestyle diseases such as cancer are very active in our beloved pet world.
Diet is one of the best things that pet parents can focus on to prevent disease and or restore your pet's health.

Turmeric is absorbed best when taken with
Black pepper and clean fats like coconut oil

Golden Paste is helpful for:

Supporting cell repair - Immune support - Digestive health - Skin and coat health - Relieving dry, itchy skin - Weight management - Inflammatory conditions like arthritis

This product contains everything you need to make Golden Paste (turmeric, peppercorns and cold-pressed coconut oil), just add water and heat.

Best used FRESH, shelf life of 2 weeks once prepared.

Add to your dogs meals as needed.