Dynavyte GoldKare Essential Health Supplement

Dynavyte GoldKare Essential Health Supplement

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Size: 180g

A revolutionary canine supplement that may help with the healthy maintenance of bone strength and density, while supporting cartilage and soft tissues.

GoldKare uses a patented water-soluble form of vitamin K1 and K2. It is the first dog-product worldwide to contain this readily bioavailable vitamin K package. This product has been scientifically shown to increase bone density and bone strength.



Deficiencies in K1 and K2 in today’s dogs leads to a significant reduction in bone density and bone strength, and poor cartilage health.

How often have you observed your dog, or a friend’s dog, try to eat grass when it is feeling poorly?

Our scientists believe this is a sick dogs reaction to a need for Vitamin K, found readily in good green grass. (Vitamin K ensures calcium is deposited in the bones, and not in the soft tissues causing the inflammation, which leads to disease).

Bacteria in the gut produce vitamin K2 and green leafy vegetables contain vitamin K1, however, these are in a fat-soluble form and produced in the colon. There is evidence that these fat-soluble forms of vitamin K are poorly absorbed and therefore not available in the blood stream.



As well as K1 and K2 GoldKare contains curcumin, Vitamin D and collagen.

The curcumin in GoldKare is water soluble, chemically stable and highly bioavailable producing much higher blood levels in the body compared to other formulations. This results in higher absorption from the gut.

Other forms of curcumin are mainly used in the gut and do not get absorbed very well. The water-soluble form of curcumin bypasses the liver and is available for its beneficial properties.


Vitamin D in GoldKare is provided to prevent deficiencies. Vitamin D has been shown to benefit: bone health, the cardiovascular system, mental health and weight stability.


The benefits of collagen in GoldKare are: joint stability and injury prevention, maintaining joint health and bone health, enhancing a healthy coat and skin health, stimulating appetite and aiding digestion.



Each 2 grams contains Vitamin K soluble micelle (K1 and K2) 50.1mg, Vitamin D3 150iu, Curcumin 40mg, Collagen protein 90mg. Also contains Dextrone and natural roast beef flavour.

Appearance: Gold-coloured powder.



Add to a dogs food according to its weight. Dose rate: 2 grams (1 scoop)per 10Kg of dog.

GoldKare is best used in conjunction with Dynavyte MBS to unlock the full effectiveness of the vitamin K. The probiotic in Dynavyte MBS already produces K2, however GoldKare boosts this with further K2 and the invaluable K1.

Use as a "meal topper".