Dynavyte Equine Lektra L'eau Ultimate Hydrating Powder

Dynavyte Equine Lektra L'eau Ultimate Hydrating Powder

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Size: 4kg

Want to hydrate your horse faster and more efficiently than with water alone?

Lektra L'eau is a specially designed electrolyte powder where one dose replaces the same amount of salts that are lost in 4 litres of sweat.



Lektra L'eau is not only a hydrating electrolyte powder, it also contains added B vitamins and the revolutionary osmolyte and methyl donor betaine for metabolism.

The added B group vitamins and betaine, may boost immunity and provide energy. A daily dose of support for your horse in the hotter months.



ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS: per 60g Betain 20g, Vitamin B1 16.95mg, Vitamin B2 15.34mg, Niacin 30.99mg, Calcium 232.59mg, Magnesium 116.22mg, Potassium 6.09g, Chloride 21.28g, Sodium 10.05g.



(Daily dose may be split into 2 feeds).

Horses 300-500kg - 60g (2 scoops).

Ponies under 300kg - 30g (1scoop).

Horses administered any form of electrolytes need to be consuming adequate water.